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You are going to be delighted, at this stage of the game, to find that the luff is really easy, in spite of the curve. But any edge attached to a spar needs to be curved in order to get shape into the sail.

Wherever one piece of cloth goes over another, like at a seam or a corner reinforcement, it can be stuck together with tape. For this first sail, let's not have battens; they would complicate things a lot.

Cover them completely with tape, and stick on the small one, then the next one, then the largest. And you and your helper, if you have one, will for sure need a set of knee pads, like volleyball players and flooring people use, or you will come away with sore knees. But be wary of this: The right tool is an something like an Xacto knife.

If you do need a seam, plan to use the edge of the material at the leach, and run the seam parallel to the leach, as in the sketch. And don't be afraid if the material looks like cheap paper, that might rot.

I have no idea how big a sail can be made in this way and still not blow apart. It isn't as bad as the light nylon they use to make sails for boats like a Sunfish, but it is nowhere nearly as inelastic as Dacron. Draw a picture of it, and figure out if you can make the sail without a seam.

If your sail is to have a seam, stick down only the large panel. You can guarantee the owner that you will not harm it. In the second place, it doesn't need to be stitched. Or you may have received things in the mail in a big white envelope that you discover you can't tear open, for it is too tough.

You are going to peel the backing off the tape, and fold it over to make the hem. A Few Cautions You will hate the sound of the sail luffing- it sorts of makes a rattling sound, it doesn't sound like a sail at all. While this can help keep moisture from getting trapped inside walls, it also gives water and air a way in.

Now apply the tape to the edge where the seam is to be. More about it later. The odds are that, after the walls have been sheathed with plywood, but before it has been covered with the finishing surface of shingles or clapboard or brick or whatever, it will be covered with looks like white paper.

Two strips of tape, side by side on the material, will give you a strip three or four inches wide, and you can cut it into three or four inch squares. By the way, do not cut tape with the scissors, if you can avoid it.

Likely you will do something like that, too.

Tyvek Sheets

Select the print options on the computer and allow the printer to put ink on the Tyvek paper. This will give us a really good approximation of an arc of a circle, in curves of the dimensions we are using.

You're going to get a sail that has blue and red advertising on it, but it is a conversation piece, and you'll have lots of fun talking about it to other sailors, and they will come away convinced of what a clever fellow you are.

Once again be sure that there is no dust or dirt around. The drawing may make this bit more clear. In the first place, it is available in great width. Don't attempt to strengthen this sail by running the seams and edges through a sewing machine.

Step Select a Tyvek paper that has an appropriate ink receptive coating for the printer. Usually, this means facing the smooth side up in the printer. Locate Point D and mark it.

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It's Tyvek ®. Tyvek® is a highly versatile material perfect for creating wallets- it looks like paper but acts like a fabric! While it can be folded, bent, shaped, and sewn, Tyvek® is. in x ft sq ft Tar Paper Roof Underlayment Enter your location.

for pricing and availability. OK. ZIP Code DuPont Tyvek ft x ft House Wrap. Making the Tyvek Sail; By Bill Wallace; As you travel around near where you live, keep your eyes open for a house being built. The odds are that, after the walls have been sheathed with plywood, but before it has been covered with the finishing surface of shingles or clapboard or brick or whatever, it will be covered with looks like white paper.

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Tyvek Wristbands

Tyvek Sheets, cheri197.com Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; NEON GREEN 3/4 INCH TYVEK WRISTBANDS FROM WRISTCO - The wristbands are packaged in sheets of ten.

Each wristband measures 3/4 inches wide by 10 inches long and will fit most wrists.

Where to buy tyvek paper
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