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He had created all that was in nature and those creations could be admired, but never to be worshipped as gods. Because there was so much work to be done to survive, and the work was divided equally, there was more of a sense of teamwork than one gender dominating the other.

The ice age ended around 10, B. Mesopotamia had very little building materials, so they reverted to using mud mesopotamia writing assignment format their main source of construction.

The city-states categorized their people into three social levels; the nobles, commoners, and slaves. He was most famous for building the Temple in Jerusalem, which was viewed symbolically as the as the center of their religion.

This led to the weakening of the Persian Empire. They had a spiritual belief that the gods were living realities who affected all areas of life.

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There were walls surrounding and protecting their city-states. Some specific areas that might be examined: The family was very much patriarchal and the husband-father was considered to be the master of his household and all that lived in it.

The shift from hunting and gathering to a system of agriculture was the biggest change during this time. Strict and harsh punishment followed to those who disobeyed the Code of Hammurabi. They believed in holy men as their leaders, and called them prophets.

Many of the Hebrew beliefs and accounts are derived from their history and traditions which were written in the Hebrew Bible, which Christians refer to as the Old Testament.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Judaism had three important dynamics to it: Several years later Cyrus gained control over the Lydian kingdom. Slaves belonged to those in the palace, who were used in construction and domestic labor.

Their various developments and innovations came together to create so much of what the Western civilization is composed of. Along with education, religion was very important to the Sumerians, as they had structured their city-states after a divine model and order.

They both had strong attributes and weak ones. Later Mesopotamian civilizations such as the Assyrians and the Babylonians used Sumerian writing. This first essay is very extensive and informative.

They were mainly nomadic people that had organized themselves into tribes.

That is why there is so much more information to refer to in these times than that of the Paleolithic Age. This literature includes mythology of the Mesopotamian gods, tales of their heroes, poetry, and songs. They were servants to the king that held honored responsibilities in society.

As a leader, he took interest in state affairs, encouraged trade, and was responsible for the building of temples, walls of protection, and irrigation canals. He was responsible for increasing the trading opportunities for the Israelites and for broadening the political and military forces.

It went from small, simple cultures that were centered on survival, to the development of civilizations. In accordance to the Hebrew tradition there was a drought in Palestine which resulted in the migration to Egypt.

The Mesopotamian people produced pottery, wooden textiles, and metal work as well. Saul was the first king of the Israelites, who was able to achieve success with the battle between themselves and the Philistines.

Each culture, each idea, each influence all plays into expansion and growth. This observation has caused speculation that the cave paintings were not only a part of their culture, but perhaps even some sort of religious ritual.

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In fact, some still exist in certain areas of the world, such as France. Marriages were normally arranged by the parents, since marriage occurred at such a young age for the majority of people.Egypt and Mesopotamia - Assignment Example. On In Assignment Sample.

1. Compare and contrast the society and culture of the prehistoric hunter-gatherers to either the Egyptian or the Mesopotamian civilizations. What were the major factors that caused the changes in the way societies functioned?

the development of writing, and new forms of. Mesopotamia projects and writing assignments. Read it. Looking Back - Mesopotamia Part 2 - ANGELICSCALLIWAGS This assignment is an essay.

The wordcount is limited to words. The word count does not include the. Ancient Egyptian Review in a Bingo Game Format See more. Hands-on activities we used for our third grade world history unit. Cuneiform is one of the world's earliest systems of writing.

Egypt and Mesopotamia Essay

Invented by the Sumerians, cuneiform used shapes similar to wedges etched into clay tablets to convey messages. The Mesopotamians often. Mesopotamia Writing Assignment Plan and Organize min. Revise and Edit 5 min Reed you writings and luk fur errors Remember, good writing means What do you already know?

The Impact of Geography Background: Throughout history, the land has shaped the lives of people living on it. Oldest Writing, Ancient Mesopotamia [School History online Find this Pin and more on Teaching Tools by Jordon Hofman. a funny poem about how writing was invented thousands of years ago in ancient Sumer (Mesopotamia / Iraq).

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astronomy, literature and writing also evolved extensively for the people of Mesopotamia. Because.

Mesopotamia writing assignment format
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